Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween! And in anticipation of the Holidays approaching, I wanted to reveal some great news concerning one Monster model from the past. I was contacted a few years ago by Monarch Models to paint an illustration of Gorgo for an upcoming release. I was treated to a prototype of the Gorgo model to work from, I knew of the movie (but never saw it) and being a former Aurora model builder myself, Monarch agreed that I had all of the requirements to be a part of the legacy of being a model box artist! A detail of the pencil sketch can be found inside my sketchbook, A Fistful Of Lead. My only direction was that the illustration should resemble a companion box for Aurora's Godzilla. I remember those glorious years building models as a young boy with. My favorites were, of course, Aurora's line of Famous Monsters with wonderful James Bama paintings that were just mesmerizing to me and all my friends and remain classics today. I'm sure those don't need any introduction. But, Monarch might. So, the news that I received is that Monarch will release Gorgo in time for Christmas this year! Check online or your favorite hobby dealer. My painting was originally commissioned and completed over 3 years ago. So, I have been just as anxious as any model collector to grab this off of the shelf. I'll be building mine with my sons!
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