Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Howard Wolowitz Wall of Fame

Hey! Can you spot my Stella 7 painting gracing the wall in Wolowitz's bedroom? As a fan of the hit television Big Bang Theory, my family and I were thrilled to learn that there was a poster of her nicely displayed among Howard's Space Girl bedroom decor. There's a lot of really great artwork hanging on all of the sets. So, I am incredibly flattered that someone thought to include a poster that was promoting the comic book Space Doubles from Third World Studios a few years back. The painting was originally commissioned for the Chicago Fantastic Film Festival commemorative poster, featured in a Spectrum art annual and then as the cover for my first Sketchbook. But as my friend Steve Boyd commented: "You know you've made it big when your artwork makes the hallowed Walls of Howard Wolowitz." Thanks to Eric LeFaber for telling me about it before I saw it for myself.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Adventures of Philip Marlowe

Recently, I had an opportunity to paint one of the all time great detectives and one of my personal favorites in full blazing pulp tradition. My intention was that you hear the "crack" of the gun shots and put you in the middle of pulse pounding thrills. You can also hear all the gun shots and thrills on the Marlowe OTR radio programs. "The Adventures of Philip Marlowe" is now available from Radio Archives. If you are a fan of the Raymond Chandler's classic detective, you'll enjoy the restored old time radio programs that Radio Archives has available - with my illustration on the collections packaging. They are also offering 12 x 18 prints in their Pulp Book Store for those who must own one for their wall or collection. Visit and tell'em Klauba sent you!