Saturday, January 12, 2008

Project: Superpowers

SUPERPOWERS #0 from Dynamite Entertainment
by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger, Stephen Sadowski & Doug Klauba

From the dawn of the 20th Century came a new chapter in mankind's history, unleashed during a time of great war and destruction. It was the beginning of the Age of the Superpowers, yet with the closing of the Second World War, this new spark seemingly flickered and died. Until now! This explosive 0 issue features a story crafted by Justice collaborators Alex Ross and Jim Krueger, joined by artists Stephen Sadowksi and Doug Klauba, and featuring a final page painted by Ross himself! The story of Superpowers begins here, in the present day with the Fighting Yank, coming to terms with the ghosts of his past and present! Journey to the heights and depths of the Second World War as the story unfolds and come face-to-face with the great forgotten heroes of the ages, and solve the mystery of these legends disappearance after the great war!

32pgs, FC..........$1.00

That is how Dynamite describes the new series to arrive in stores early 2008. Originally titled, Superpowers it seems it is now titled, Project: Superpowers.
And I've seen some color proofs and this first issue looks very cool. I'm excited (really excited) to have worked on the inaugural issue. And truly just plain excited that I was hired to do more sequential work - which is what I love to do. Tell stories with my art.

Alex asked if I'd be interested in doing more sequential stuff and then Superpowers came about. I had seen the Newsarama article announcing the series and knew that this was a series that I'd be interested in buying. I've always been interested in the golden age characters and pulp heroes, so I knew that this was for me especially with the team of Alex and Jim Krueger on it. I was very surprised to be offered part of the story. I don't think I hesitated when Alex asked if I'd be interested in doing the "present day" pages of the story, seven and one half pages of art. Obviously, from the description above, my pages are the "present day with the Fighting Yank, coming to terms with the ghosts of his past and present" while the talented Stephen Sadowski handled the larger part of the story. More of my pages can be seen at my Project: Superpowers Gallery at

Dynamite was great to work with and their heart is in deep with Superpowers. It's been in developement for some time and I'm thrilled to have been a part of it. More info on Project: Superpowers can be found at the Dynamite site:


rafael said...


As a longtime fan of yours, I'm very excited to see that you've created a blog! I hope to see more up-to-the-minute entries on the various stages of your projects, from start to finish whenever available (and allowable.

Please post regularly and often, and know that I will tell all my friends and associates about your blog!

Egg Salad work!


Douglas Klauba said...

I just received my contributor copies from Dynamite!
Oh boy, is it cool!
So I'm guessing it will be in stores next week.

rafael said...

doug! just got my copy of SH#0 and man, it ROCKS!!!! Great work, sir!

Anthony Schiavino said...

I picked this up strictly for your work. I know Alex Ross had a big hand in the conceptual design but, for what it's worth either way, I think your style in many cases surpasses his. There's a sense of realism in both but yours has detail. Fantastic.

Douglas Klauba said...

Hey Anthony,
Thanks for picking up #0. While I truly appreciate the "pat on the back" and comparison to Alex, we're still talking about someone who is one of the biggest influences in comics. It's my personal opinion that he has elevated the artform as well influenced the current superhero movies over the last ten years. His productivity is mind boggling and inspiring to me. There's no one more popular in comics right now than Alex Ross. We have similar influences in art, we are both huge Queen and Beatles fans and I'm proud to call him my friend.

rafael said...

Not as proud as I am to call you mine, I'll bet! Anthony is right; your artwork really elevated the whole book for me. Love Alex, love his work, but as far as the interior goes, it was all you, babe...

Anthony Schiavino said...

Absolutely no disrespect to Alex, a long time fan am I here, but it's just my opinion in that whole all in good fun competition attitude. The book itself was great, and all those involved did a great job.

But IMO you put it over the top Doug!