Monday, October 6, 2008

Killer Queen

I was invited to participate in a group gallery show, Night of the Living Artist. The concept of the show sounded like a lot of fun, pick an artist (living or dead) that has influenced me and make them a Zombie. I first thought of Michaelangelo or Mucha but decided to look into other artists besides painters, that have made a nice influence on me. So, I picked Freddie Mercury from one of my favorite bands, Queen. As a teen, I'd sit in my room, listening to their music. For what seemed like hours I'd sketch ideas or interpret their songs into sword and sorcery images using Freddie as the main figure. But, instead of wielding a mike stand, it would be a sword. I could easily have portrayed him as people probably would remember him with short hair, mustache and sleeveless t-shirts. Here I've captured him the way I remember him, early on, royalty of glam-rock from a serious Mick Rock photo.

Friday, October 10, 2008 through October 31, 2008.
Opening reception Oct. 10, 7-10pm, closing reception will also be a Halloween party on Oct. 31, 7 -10pm. “Night of the Living Artist” will be including our resident DJ, DJ Tapedek.

The Chicago Art Department
1837 S. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60608

The artist will be using their prefered media and pick an artist, musician, or author (living or dead) that was an influence and Zobify them. Some of those picks include Preston Blair, Franz Kafka, Oasis, and even Jim Henson. The Chicago Art Department (CAD) cultivates new and emerging Chicago artists. Through education, exhibition, artist residencies, and community building, CAD is dedicated to supporting new voices and ideas. “My hope is this common theme will show how a range of different artist can come together in one show. And also give a chance to those new artists, who may have never been in an exhibit.” says Kerry Flaherty, curator of the show and resident artist of The Chicago Art Department. “Night of the Living Artist will have Fine Art, Illustrations, and even Plush Sculptors presented in a fun atmosphere.”

Gallery info:
CAD is in Pilsen
1837 S. Halsted St. between 18th and 19th Sts.
Bus: 8 Halsted. Fri-Sun noon-5pm.

For more information about the exhibit or for gallery
hours, contact The Chicago Art Department at
312.226.8601. Or go to


TMALO70 said...


That is Quite Honestly, One of the COOLEST Paintin's I've Ever Seen...

I Wish I would've been more on the Ball with gettin' a Piece ready for this Exhibit... And Yet, I'm Glad I didn't... Cuz' It woulda' been Freddie Mercury (Best Front Man Ever)... And the Idea of My freddie, Next to Your "FREDDIE" woulda' been too Much for Me too Handle... ;O)}



Jason Chalker said...

That's freakin' awesome man!

ShojinStudios said...

AWW HO HO! Brilliant! Perfect the way it is, I think a Zombie KISS painting is in order!