Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rocky Jordan Is Finished!

Part 3: I'm set to wrap this project up. Now that I have the background and foreground colors in place, I start finishing the painting.

The dark's are placed first; Rocky's hair, her 1940's hairstyle, folds in their clothes, shadows, the green fern on the left, and work on the details in the buildings. I finish up with adding first the warm highlights and then finally the cool highlights first in the figures and followed by the background.

I step back and decided to darken up the figures in the foreground first and add more blue over the flesh tones. Then I decided to fine tune the background adding cool Greens, Blues, Purple, and Payne's Gray. Approximate time for the overall painting was 25 hours.

I immediately set to scan Rocky Jordan and make a few notes to myself on what I should touch up. I will do a few fine tuning and clean up in Photoshop before I save and send the file. Images of black and white spot illustrations start developing in my my mind. I'm still so immersed into the project, I'm thinking of what else I can do.... but it's onto the next one!

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